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Natural Capital, Species Extinction & Sustainable Finance - The Impact of SDGs

The world is currently experiencing a sixth period of mass extinction with extinction of flora and fauna being caused by a variety of factors arising from industrial activity and increasing human populations, including global warming, climate change, habitat loss, pollution and use of pesticides.

Most extinctions are linked to industrial and business activity either directly or indirectly. From insects to mammals, trees to flowers, species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate.

The corporate world and society rely entirely on the healthy functioning of the ecosystem surrounding us. Each and every species has a unique place in our ecosystem and through the interconnectedness of all life on earth, every extinction diminishes and weakens these relationships.

During this webinar on SDG 15 (Life on Land) we aim to:

- find out more from leading academics and industry experts about the species extinction crisis

- better understand risk management and accounting frameworks for natural capital preservation

- identify suitable capital markets and investment products to address the issue.

We now have a fantastic range of speakers:

- Jill Atkins, Chair in Financial Management, University of Sheffield

- Mark Gough, CEO, Natural Capital Coalition

- Gemma James, Head of Environmental Issues, Principles for Responsible Investment

- Mardi McBrien, Managing Director, CDSB

- Andrew Jones, Senior Consultant, Corporate Reporting, Mazars, and Head of Investor Engagement, IIRC

- Paul De Ornellas, Chief Adviser – Wildlife, WWF UK

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