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Our History


The Network for Sustainable  Financial Markets (NSFM) was founded in 2008 by a group of thought leaders and academics led by Raj Thamotheram.


Since then, NSFM has become an international, non-partisan network of finance sector professionals, academics and others who have an active interest in long-term investing and who believe that the recurring crises recently experienced in our financial markets are not isolated incidents. Rather, this instability is evidence that the financial markets system needs a well-thought-out reform so that it can better serve its core purpose of creating long-term, sustainable value.                                                                                                                      

Over the years, NSFM has played an important role in catalyzing new organizations, spearheading thought leadership work and driving product innovation across asset classes. The Network has become the foundation for numerous and highly productive ad-hoc collaborations across industry and academia.

In 2018, NSFM launched the #NSFMNextGen initaitive. Since then, we focus our education, policy and engagement efforts on the next generation of young professionals and students in sustainable finance. Our aim is to provide a free platform and network for engagement, education and career opportunities. In 2019, we launched a series of network activities, a series of SDG webinars and thematic events in collaboration with leading partners across industry and academia.

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