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Research and Education Network


The Network of Sustainable Financial Markets (#NSFMNextGen) is an interactive online platform for young professionals and students in sustainable finance, banking and insurance who aim to exchange ideas and to keep each other up to date on cutting edge research, product innovation and market activities.


We conduct public information, outreach and engagement initiatives via our website and social media. We collaborate with global partners to offer thematic webinars and seminars with the aim to highlight new ideas, product innovation and best in class research.

We are supporting online reference libraries and think tank sources to provide free access and information on leading industry and academic publications in the field, for the benefit of our community.


We also work with a range of strategic partners across industry and academia  who can provide us with regular and relevant updates, which we, in turn, make accessible to our next generation community.


We are establishing a dedicated academic “#NSFMNextGen Education and Research Network” to interlink and engage with education providers on sustainable finance content.


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