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Covid 19 – Implications for Managing Systemic ESG Risks and Opportunities

Coronavirus fears have led to a ‘historic collapse’ in investor sentiment over March as panic leaves the global economy teetering on the brink of a recession.

Investors have lumped into defensive stocks with cash seeing its fourth largest monthly increase. Meanwhile well placed macro stocks such as healthcare and utilities allocation rose immediately.

Governments are likely to need to do more than the current $1.9tn spending committed to tackle the economic fallout from the current health crisis.

These challenging times might also see opportunities for investment innovation mitigating and weathering this crisis. Dedicated SDG-aligned pandemic / disaster recovery bonds could provide a means for financing the gap, while providing alignment with SDG3 (“Health and Wellbeing”).

In 2017 the World Bank issued a pandemic bond designed to help fund the response to any widespread outbreak of a number of diseases, including coronavirus. The World Bank is preparing a second iteration of the scheme, dubbed Pandemic Emergency Facility (PEF) 2.0, which the Bank said last year was to be marketed in May 2020. But are these the best investment vehicles to mitigate the crisis and build long term resilience? And how can we assess a broader alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals?

During this webinar, we aim to discuss with investors, insurance and ESG experts across industry and academia the impact of the Covid 19 health crisis, and where and how product innovation can help closing financing gaps, while addressing systemic environmental and societal challenges such as:

- Are Pandemic bonds truly a financing option?

- How can Corona- or Pandemic Bonds and/or other financial instruments provide financing opportunities in this global health crisis – and alignment with the SDGs?

- What’s driving investor and capital markets appetite – can public private partnerships help to achieve further SDG-alignment and address systemic ESG challenges?

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