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COVID 19 Interconnectedness:Addressing the crisis as a 'Good Steward' Blog Post

Check out the blog post co-authored by our Board Member Dr. Christoph F. Biehl regarding the COVID-19 and find a brief from the post below;

"The virus has demonstrated the complex interconnections and dependencies within which the financial markets operate. Any effective intervention from investors has to be built on a better understanding of how that intervention will ripple through all relevant systems and ultimately rebound on the investors’ portfolios. Financial history is littered with examples of how short-term income maximisation strategies destroyed individual and collective wealth. One lesson from this history is to consider a shift from wealth maximisation to wealth optimisation strategies. Wealth optimisation thinks long term and systematically and explicitly recognises the need to operate within critical thresholds of other systems."

To see the full post please follow the link:

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