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Alpcan E. Gencer

Currently a graduate student studying Energy Economics, Policy and Security (EEPS) at Bilkent University, Alpcan is passionate about the financial markets and its role in developing economies along with shaping industries. Having participated in mentorship schemes at different organizations, he understood the significance of having an influential mentor and the effect it can have on shaping one's career. Owing to such, combined with his interest in sustainable finance, Alpcan is serving as a Director responsible for mentorship schemes at Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (#NSFMNextGen). Previously, Alpcan had the opportunity to study in The United States, Germany, Hong Kong and Turkey during his undergraduate studies and is a member of several professional institutions in Hong Kong. Due to his multidisciplinary approach, he also participated in start-up accelerator programs, joined cultural societies, prepared introductory presentations for sustainable finance integration to capital firms and passed the Financial Licensing Examinations of Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute. In addition, Alpcan has interned at the Treasury Department of a prominent Turkish Financial Institution, The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and also at a portfolio management company. At present, Alpcan is participating as a Project Intern at Bilkent University Energy Policy Research Center working in collaboration with international and intergovernmental organizations on contemporary energy topics.

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