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Press Release

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets Introduces New Leadership Team and Launches NextGen Online Presence

London, United Kingdom, [22nd July 2019] — The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM) has announced its new global leadership team and the launch of its new NextGen Engagement Platform, to better support the next generation of sustainable finance leaders.

The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (#NSFMNextGen) is an international online network for young professionals and students in sustainable finance, banking and insurance. The Network was launched in 2008 and has played a fundamental role in launching new organizations, such as the Climate Bonds Initiative and Preventable Surprises, spearheading thought leadership work and in supporting product innovation across asset classes such as sustainable infrastructure.

In December 2018, the #NSFMNextGen board of directors restructured and decided to focus on education, mentorship and career and talent management opportunities for the next generation and on a IN close cooperation between with industry practitioners, academics and like-minded networks. In June 2019, the Network for Sustainable Markets became a Community Interest Company (CIC), registered and headquartered in the UK, with board members, ambassadors and partners supporting the non-for-profit Network from around the world.

The new board of directors consists of Martina Macpherson, Carla Koffel, Aurelie Faure, Dr Daniela Carosio, Ada Jabaru, Dr Christoph Biehl and Alpcan Efe Gencer, all who have led the reorganization and transition to the new #NSFMNextGen initiative. The board is being supported by a range of experts who also form part of the NSFM leadership team, including Iqra Shaikh, Natalie Beinisch, Gabriel Thoumi, Theodor Cojoianu, Olanrewaju Sharafa, and its founder and ambassador, Dr Raj Thamotheram. This leadership team has just launched a new #NSFMNextGen website and will develop it into a future-fit next generation engagement platform:

“Over the last few months, we have spearheaded the development of a series of multi-media and multi-channel education initiatives, across industry and academia,” explains Martina Macpherson, President, #NSFMNextGen. “With the help of our partners, ambassadors and other networks, we aim to become the ‘network of networks’ for young sustainable finance professionals and students by providing them with relevant content, updates and market opportunities. Our purpose is to contribute directly and indirectly to sustainable growth and development, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals – our leading framework for #NSFMNextGen initiatives.”

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About The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (#NSFMNextGen)

The #NSFMNextGen initiative is an international network of sustainable finance sector professionals, academics and thought leaders who have an active interest in long-term investing.

We believe that the recurring crises recently experienced in our financial markets are not isolated incidents. Rather, this instability is evidence that the financial market system needs a well-thought-out reform so that it can better serve its core purpose of creating long-term sustainable value. The Network seeks to focus research and debate on the underlying causes of financial market instability and on development of fundamental reforms.

The #NSFMNextGen Initiative was formed by Network for Sustainable Financial Markets board members as a follow up initiative in December 2018 and focusses on supporting young professionals and academics across the Sustainable Investing, Banking and Insurance industries by providing an online platform for engagement, knowledge exchange, career opportunities and mentorship. For more information and to keep up to date with the #NSFMNextGen Initiative, please visit


· Carla Koffel, COO, +971 54 4744788

· Ada Jabaru, Strategy & Marketing, +44 7961695509

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