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Investing in Sustainable Growth, Innovation and Green Jobs

Are you a seasoned professional wondering how EU sustainable finance regulation is likely to impact the investment and business sectors, a student or an early career professional thinking about securing current or upcoming green job opportunities, a policy-maker or a global citizen concerned about achieving long term sustainable growth and development goals in line with SDG 8 - then this webinar is the right choice for you. One of the most prominent legislative efforts recently towards shaping opportunities towards a prosperous, inclusive and low carbon world is the European Commission’s Action Plan for Sustainable Finance. Sustainable Finance is the key cornerstone in the business side of climate change mitigation, as two of the best strategies to change corporations are 1) 'creating incentives for the 'financing of green activities' and 2) 'de-funding' those companies which insist to extract, process and/or burn fossil fuels against the evidence that by doing so exacerbates the dangerous effects of climate change . But, creating the right framework for Sustainable Finance to flourish is complicated and that's why the EC first called a High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) and now a Technical Expert Group (TEG) to support its work. The impact of such legislative efforts is expected to be profound across both the business and investment space, as both a risk to unsustainable business practices and an opportunity for those who innovate towards the achievement of sustainable innovation and growth. Panel: Prof. Andreas Hoepner, Full Professor of Operational Risk, Banking and Finance, University College Dublin and EU TEG Member. Sean Kindney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative and EU HLEG and TEG Member. Elena Philipova, Global Head of ESG, Refinitiv and EU TEG Member. Martina Macpherson, President, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets. Moderated by Theodor Cojoianu, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University College Dublin & Academic-in-Residence, Sustainable Nation Ireland.

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