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The Global Governance Research Fund (GGRF), facilitated by Sustain Worldwide, was set up in 2018 to garner private sector support for the purposes of funding independent research on matters concerning corporate governance, human rights, and anti-modern slavery. Through the GGRF, Sustain Worldwide is able to ensure that the necessary research is carried out independently and free of influence. The objectives of the GGRF are: * To hold to account the largest UK organisations by turnover and champion continuous improvement in their governance performances on human rights * To provide market intelligence through the ‘scorecards’ and underpinning analysis derived from the evaluation of the organisations undertaken to produce the report and league tables * To accelerate the shift to greater corporate accountability for human rights in global supply chains. The GGRF is not supported by or aligned with any political party or movement, nor any NGO, nor any religious or faith-based group. The initial contributors to the GGRF are BRE and Marshalls. Through their early support, these entities are helping advance the GGRF’s objectives.

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