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Gabriel Thoumi, CFA, FRM

Gabriel has 15+ years’ experience as a research manager, database modeller, and analyst in global debt and equity markets with a focus on integrating scientific and ESG data into financial models to determine pricing signals and asset allocation strategies. As a thought leader, he has published hundreds of articles and given hundreds of presentations on greening capital markets, and has worked in over 30+ countries. For a variety of clients across developed, emerging, and frontier markets, he has led investment research on: · Corporate governance, fraud, and lawbreaking · ESG index construction · Debt and equity portfolio management · Board of Directors and C-suite engagement · Energy, oil and gas, and nuclear infrastructure risks · Water and agriculture supply chains · Deforestation and degradation financial product innovation · A just transition to a low carbon economy · Biodiversity and fisheries · Forensic accounting analysis of IASB and FASB · Local and regional public policy options

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