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The Flip Side of ESG Risk: 3 Ways the Majors Create New Streams of Value

Corporate leaders and the investors who fuel their plans are navigating a steep learning curve together now. A cascade of unfamiliar ‘non-financial risk factors’ including ESG is upending longstanding models and morés of management and valuation alike.

And it’s not likely to abate soon. Extreme disequilibrium in both the natural environment and the human and societal condition is pressing on operating outlooks as well as personal conscience for meaningful redress.

Right now, the tools and collective will to do so are still coalescing. But a vibrant appetite for solutions is accelerating expansion and breakout leadership in areas where competencies are more mature and motivation to innovate more acute.

Our panel will share their deep experience in shaping the movement itself and lessons for CEOs and investors learned in three arenas where system wellbeing and profitability are beginning to meet at scale: the marketplace of green investments; materials and customer experience innovation; legacy insurers and stabilizing local communities of small farmholders.

Appearing in sequence before the full panel Q+A:

Moderator: Elsie Maio, CEO Humanity, Inc/SoulBranding℠ Institute

Peter Fusaro, Renewable Expert and Sr Advisor, AV Group/ Norwegian Private Equity Fund

William McDonough, Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation, TIME Hero for the Planet

Joan Lamm-Tennant, CEO, BlueMarble Microinsurance

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