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Scaling-up Sustainable Finance: The Role of Pension Trustees Part 2

“It is in the power of Trustees to change the World” – these strong words were said by Guy Opperman, MP the Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, at the Association of Member Nominated Trustees conference on 31st October last year. But is the Financial Sector and Trustees themselves in agreement with this view? Considering the level of the collective assets under the management of Pension Funds, any changes to the Pension Trustees’ Duties are in a great deal of focus ….or are they?

On 22 of January, in Part 1 of this debate, we discussed changes to the regulations that oblige Pension Trustees to consider financially material ESG issues while assessing risk-adjusted returns. We heard a perspective of an independent Trustee (PTL) on the challenges of the implementation of this new regulation and a view of an Asset Manager. The FCA provided an insight on new duties for Independent Governance Committees, green washing, stewardship and other aspects. You are welcome to listen to the recording of this debate here

We follow up on this debate in a podcast on 12th February and consider how does the job of pension trustees change (if at all)?

Is the understanding of the fiduciary duty evolving?

What is the guidance of The Pension Regulator (TPR)?

What are the outcomes of research carried out with Pension Trustees (due to be published at the end of January 2020)

How are Asset Managers adjusting their service?

Can it create winners and losers in the Asset Management space?

How can Asset Managers work with Pension Schemes to deliver meaningful changes?

We will be discussing these and many more questions with our esteemed panel:

Stuart O’Brien – Partner, Finance & Investment – Sackers; & Chair of Pensions Climate Risk Industry Group

Joshua Kendall – Senior Analyst, ESG, – Insight Investment

Ben Nelmes - Head of Public Policy - UKSIF

Moderated by Dana Hanby – MD, ESG Nexus

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