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Our Team


The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM) is a global online and multi-media engagement network. Our team constitutes of leading sustainable finance experts across industry and academia who are supported by a strong network of subject-matter experts, ambassadors, advisers and partners. 

Martina Macpherson


Martina is President of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, a global non-for-profit ESG think tank and social network for the next generation of sustainable finance experts. She is also the Founder of SI Partners Ltd, an independent consulting firm specializing in (extra) financial risk management, legal and compliance, research and analytics solutions. Martina is a doctoral fellow at ICRMP UK, a visiting fellow at Henley Business School and a guest lecturer at University of Zurich. She teaches and trains industry professionals such as investors, corporates and regulators (e.g. the FCA) in risk management, compliance, sustainable finance, ESG and impact investing, responsible banking and corporate governance. She sits on a variety of sustainable finance working groups, advisory boards and panels to assess and report on the status of the market.

Alpcan E. Gencer


Director - Network for Sustainable Financial Markets / Global Think Tank Mentee – Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute Mentorship Program 2016-2017 / Global Thinkers Forum ‘Telemachus’ Mentoring Program 2018

Carla Koffel


Most recently Carla was the Executive Director of the Pearl Initiative, a private sector led, non-profit organisation working to improve the long-term sustainable performance, accountability and transparency of companies in the Gulf Region by improving corporate governance practices. Carla is an experienced corporate lawyer and a non-profit organisation leader, delivering international development, human rights and rule of law programmes in Central Asia and the Middle East. She has also served as a board member of the UN Global Compact UAE Local Network.

Dr. Daniela Carosio


Daniela Carosio is Director of SEV and a member of the UN PRI Small Funds Steering Committee and of the ESG Commission of European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS). She was previously Director of Institutional Relations at ECPI Group. She has more than 15 years professional experience in Corporate Governance, Financial Analysis and Investor Relations in Austria (Bank Austria, Vienna) and in Italy (Mediobanca, Milan). In Italy she is member of the Association of Non-Executive Directors (NED Community) and the Italian Association of Financial Analysts (AIAF), where she was also appointed in the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee. In addition, she lectures Responsible Investing at the Green Energy MBA of Alma Mater University of Bologna.

Ada Jabaru


Director(Head of Marketing and Strategy)r - Network for Sustainable Financial Markets Owner – Nistad Financial Services –Risk and Compliance Systems services and ESG Reporting Consultancy Guest Lecturer /Speaker – School of Management Birkbeck College , University of London, Hult Business School and Queen Mary University , London

Aurelie Faure


Director Policy - Network for Sustainable Financial Markets / Global Think Tank Co-Chair WG5 European Technology Innovation Platform – ETIP-SNET - European Commission Member of the European Lab Task Force on Climate Related Reporting

Dr. Christoph Biehl


Christoph works as Stewardship Lead Europe for LGT Switzerland. Before joining the financial industry Christoph worked as Lecturer at different universities, teaching and researching responsible business and responsible investment. He first started working on the topic during his undergraduate degree in 2005.

Iqra Shaikh


Director at Network for Sustainable Financial Markets | Founder of Major Probs | UC Berkeley Alumni | Hult Business School

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